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HSP Test?

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  • Abhinav  Bhardwaj
    Abhinav Bhardwaj


    I gave the HSP test 2 years ago and scored pretty high on it. I then asked a lot of my friends and family to give it to determine the accuracy. It's a  decent model to assess sensory sensitivity, but I am not sure if we could deduce the measure of sensitivity and the impact. I am still digging and trying to find different ways we can determine susceptibility to external stimuli.

    What do others think? Do you think the HSP test is a good indicator of sensitivity, or are there any other better ways to determine? 

  • Karan

    I think it's a good model, but I think the questions are too open. It might lead to many interpretations. I like the book, but the tests online are not very clear.

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