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5 activities I do when I am overstimulated

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    Abhinav Bhardwaj

    Hi all,

    According to the DOES(Depth of Processing, Overstimulation, Emotional Reactivity, Sensing the subtle) framework of Highly Sensitive Person, 

    Overstimulation is an effect of the Depth of Processing. We all get overstimulated due to multiple reasons like an event, people, sound, smell, or any other experience. 

    I have learned 5 different ways to handle the effects of overstimulation.

    1. Super Deep Breathing Excercise 
      1. It has been my go-to activity whenever I am overwhelmed or overstimulated. Breathe in as much as you can, and then breathe it all out, ideally five or more times.
      2. When we breathe deeply, we can create a space between our reaction and response. Try it out, breathe in deeply for five times, and you will feel so much better.
    2. Quiet Time
      1. Get out of all chaos to create a space for yourself. I usually go to my room and read something positive.
      2. We all need solitude when we are overstimulated. Read, watch, draw something, if you like art.
    3. Walking
      1. Walking clears our minds. Grab a cup of coffee, and go on a walk.
      2. I usually take my dogs on a short walk to get some mental peace.
    4. Listening to Music
      1. Most of us love music. I'm thinking of creating a playlist for HSPs with the help of other Highly Sensitive People. It will be my goto playlist when I am overstimulated.
    5. Pushups/Physical Exercise
      1. I do ten pushups when none of the above works. It helps blood circulate to the rational part of my brain and helps me stay calm, and not triggered.
    6. Cold Shower
      1. Cold Showers are amazing. It immediately moves my focus away from the cause of the overstimulation.
    7. Sleep - Take a nap
      1. It's the last step. It works well to calm an unsettled or overstimulated mind.

    All these tips are working on the effects of overstimulation. Although we can work on the effects of the Cause, it's equally important to understand the causes and work on them. I'll add them in the next post.

    I hope this helps you when you are overstimulated. Please add to this list if you know other ways that can help fellow HSPs.

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