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  • Gabriel L. Stel
    Gabriel L. Stel

    My name is Gabriel and I am a HSP. I wouldn't call myself an empath. Empathetic tendencies, at most.

    I recently found out about that - at least I gave a name to this thing - and made the mistake of telling some people about it. Invalidation is a problem for us, and telling people about it, in my experience, just made it worse. Being a male doesn't help either. One of my close friends told me: "Stop saying that. You are a good man."

    The flip side is that I'm being nicer to myself since then. It explains a lot. There's a subtle confidence that comes from admitting your weaknesses and honoring your strengths.

    A little about me: I'm 33, I'm a writer (not in english) and a magician - like in witchcraft and mysticism, not card tricks. As one author said, a misfit among misfits.

    Nice to be here.






  • Ryan

    Hi Gabriel, welcome!
    Nice to meet you. I'm fairly new here as well. What do you mean by witchcraft and mysticism? Do you write about those topics?
    Also, I'm curious: What distinction do you make between being an HSP and being an empath?