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Heya Everyone! (:

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  • rand

    Hi everyone! I'm Rand! Or preferably to be called D! Happy and excited to be part of this community!

    A brief introduction of myself. I'm currently a freelancer. I have a wide range of interests and passion, mostly due to my insatiable curiosity! I was in the animation and then design industry, now mainly involved in the health and fitness industry. I do my art and music interests as a side for now! Recently, I've started to get back on to writing again too! Definitely excited about what's to come in the near future. Meanwhile, I've been enjoying the rollercoaster ride so far! :D

    Hope that everyone is feeling great and doing well too! Much gratitude for a set up from the founders to allow us all to have a community like this for us to stay connected and support one another! 

    Cheers, D.
    Stay hungry, Stay Humble & Be Kind. ♥ (:

  • Ryan

    Welcome D!
    It's nice to meet you! It's great to see your zest for life. Good luck with your freelancing work! Do you feel that being an HSP has helped this work?

  • Addie

    Hello Rand :-). 

    I am new to the community as well and grateful to have found a nest of likeminded souls (like you) to share this journey with. I too have found myself switching gears in career as I try to find the most loving fit for my HSP. Wishing you all the best with your freelance work, writing and artistic adventures!