• Ryan

    Hello fellow HSPs/empaths!

    My name is Ryan. I'm a 37-year-old HSP/empath living in Florida. I work at a publishing company currently, doing a combination of proofreading and quasi-technical software word processing, hoping to add IT functions to my job description soon. I am married with a 2-year-old daughter.

    I've been extremely empathic/HSP all my life. I've always been a loner and unable to form strong friendships (which was made worse by extremely isolating circumstances in youth). I am currently working on methods to better understand and relate to other people. I think I will have some success, but the process is a bit painful.

    As with many HSPs, I tend to feel a lot in social circumstances (mood, atmosphere, etc.), and I get overwhelmed very easily. As a result, I tend to cut interactions short.

    I searched for a group for HSPs as a result of two factors: First, I recently watched a YouTube video, which was an interview with a supposed ASPD, that made me realize that I view virtually all people that I come into contact with as either "sociopaths" or "narcissists." Obviously, it's not healthy to think of people this way. I think a healthier characterization may be "egoist." I think most people read body language instead of emotion and therefore draw different conclusions and utilize different social strategies than HSPs. 

    I also recently explained to my wife that, since a child, I have felt that people are not discrete persons but rather part of the same organism, and she had some trouble digesting that. I clarified that science is beginning to understand that one's presence extends beyond their physical body, and she was a bit more comfortable with that idea. She wants me to be a more social person, and I'm trying to explain to her why that is difficult for me.

    I hope I can encourage others here, and I would be glad to receive feedback from you all. Thank you Abhi for starting this group!