Kate  Tuttle
Kate Tuttle Vancouver, BC, Canada

Do you have unsolved chronic pain or illness?

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  • Kate  Tuttle
    Kate Tuttle

    I've noticed that a ton of HSPs have health issues and they often go unsolved for a long time. I'm one of these people and was wondering if anyone shares that experience?

  • Howard Kelly
    Howard Kelly

    Hi Kate ! you had better believe it.

    I had the symptoms of innatentive ADD and lived in a dream and fantasy world all of my own unable to concentrate with learning difficulties and serious asthma.
    i had been exposed to heavy metals as a child and raised in a room with hidden damp and mould !
    as a child my mother spoke of psychic abilites on her side of the family !
    i took no notice !
    55 or so years later
    I have only just woken up again ! i have been suicidally depressed since last Feb/ march when the bad light and weather coincided with the start of covid 19. as an empath i have asked the question if we are sensing the deaths of many others ! it is possible ! i just go straight downhill and go to sleep for eighteen hours a imaginary Elephant sitting on my chest in bed ! i diagnosed myself with inattentive ADD at age 28 when life was very good. I did not realize that my father was a high functioning ASD. and that i would have 5 traumas in childhood and three in later life !. which i would disassociate from.
    I always wondered why i could recite car registration and phone numbers from childhood onwards and recite conversations and things which somehow stood out or interested me !( My sixth trauma was a bad one (1990) being bullied at work by a man who has since been in the newspapers for being a serial bigamist a !nd a sociapath. i collapsed and this i think this was the start of my seasonal bipolar 2..if thats what i have the symptoms are very similar to ADD ptsd and trauma.
    i am highly seasonal
    i was the top manager in the company but he wanted me out. I went to bed for four years aching all over and slept for 18 hours a day for 4 years.
    i am an hsp and suffer from trauma very easily. i would be traumatised by a raging jealous aspergers adult in 2004 and collapsed again. this scared me to death seeing another human being making animal noises and going literally crazy. i moved out and went to live back home again with my parents. my mother died ! and my father slowly lost the will to live !. my younger sister phoned me on a friday to say she was going to visit my older half sister who was in hospital dying from late diagnosed bowel cancer, on the Saturday i called an ambulance because i felt really ill and strange, they thought i was having a heart attack, they took me into hospital where they checked me over and gave me a taxi back home. when i got there my younger sister phoned to say that my older half sister had died ! i knew as i had felt it 600 miles away !
    after my father died i would go to a really nice coffee bar in our town i was having my breakfast and a coffee when a man walks in and sits as far away from me as possible i noticed him because he had a long black coat just like mine. my senses were aroused ! i walked past him and just blurted out " you are a chronic alcoholic and you have had problems all you life ! He would become verbally raging when he drank.
    i went with him to meet his parents and he exploded using the f and c words ! we went into thier house and to his room where his parents turned of his music and put his blinds up to let the light in. he sat in the corner shaking and i spoke to him gently. what is wrong C i said tell me !
    his parents watched on and after 20 minutes asked me who i was and how i had brought thier son down from anger and rage !. i didnt tell them but they were trampling alll over him and his wishes.
    he was the most talented graphic desighner and model boat builder i had ever seen and was as gentle as a lamb with me. i concluded that he was autistic and unbelievably so was I !. i have walked up to several people since then as i somehow know what is inside them.
    i keep meeting people and say i was meant to meet you !
    you have something to tell me !
    I also say in my head tell me something i dont know ! which i feel is very arrogant !

    on feb 2nd i went to see a psychic medium ! and my mother came through along with C and my fathers father, the psychic now told me that all my memories would come back to me now and boy they did including all my traumas ! suddenly i had lots of new symptoms and looked in a book ! i cant let it go ! they were all symptoms of ptsd and trauma ! she also told me that i was now at a cross roads and my life would change arounf june july time !
    So we will wait and seewhat happens !

    good luck and best wishes in your future !


    • Ryan

      Hi Howard, I hope you are finding yourself on the overcoming side of your traumas. COVID certainly hasn't helped life's challenges to be any easier. Take care, thoughts and prayers.

  • Amanda

    Hello Howard, you have been through so much, sending healing energy.

    My bones are brittle and keep breaking. My neck is quite seriously damaged causing problems with no feelings in hands, no grip, alot of pain. Situation worse during pandemic. The energy where I live in London is not good. It affects my body. When I've travelled to the sea or rural areas the pain leaves. My goal is to get there permanently. I felt alot of anger during pandemic from others during lock down. Has anyone felt this too and experienced a deterioration with their health?